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Keep it Simple

Fairness and Trust

Fairness and Trust


After 40 years of being in the Design Build business the most important thing for a client and the project point person to know is to "Keep it Simple". Complex contracts, complicated details and overthinking the end result will only slow down the process, frustrate the creative flow and kill the spirit of the excitement.

I have found the best way to engage the relationship is to begin as a consultant for the project. Discuss the owners vision and dreams of what thy want to see happen. Set the perimeters of the project first by establishing a budget,  Secondly, review all the creative, exciting details of the project. Thirdly go over the day to day needs of the living experience    including the room sizes and construction services needed and finely the timing.

Fairness and Trust

Fairness and Trust

Fairness and Trust


The Design-Build business is a subculture. Many of the people that work on the project are like family and friends to one another. Developing a team of professional architects, engineers and craftsmen for estate project takes years of experience, compatibility, trust and a reputation for fairness and consistent drive to make the project a great experience for all involved.

For the service people the excitement starts with the design of what they are participating to build and create.

Franklin Design wants to be known as 

The Primary Facilitator.

Our goal is to establish fairness and trust between us and the Owner. This will assure that when the project is complete we can both walk away with ultimate esteem for the experience and the creation of the project.

Project Budget

Fairness and Trust

Project Budget


The Project Budget, the words that circle the entire project. Once we have an honest, realistic budget established then we can determine whether all the visions and dreams can fit within the Circle.

Here's where we get back to, 

"Keep it Simple". 

 #1 - the Budget

#2 - the Estimate. 

(It's good to review and understand the meaning of the word.) - an approximate calculation or judgment of the value, number, quantity, or extent of something or "The Project"

#3 - Payment

How to price the project:? Again, after years of experience in the Design-build world the fair way to go for both parties is actual cost for services and product materials and a fixed management fee of 18%.

It is a proven fact in bid-contract pricing and awarding the lowest bid has ended up in low-quality product/performance results and many times end in litigation.